Hello! I've gotten to work on a lot of really fun projects over the years. Here are some highlights from my favorites.

Product Hunt Shop (2016)

Ruby, JavaScript, Stripe

Article: Techcrunch

tweet-characters-left (2015)

JavaScript, Node Module

I put a lot of focus on improving my JavaScript skills in 2015. Part of that was learning how to release my first node module.

tweet-characters-left is simple. It calculates the # of characters left in a tweet, just as Twitter would. We use this node module in the Tweet Composer on Product Hunt.

GitHub: tweet-characters-left
Medium: A Ruby Developers Guide to Creating Node Modules

Product Hunt - ShareMeow

Ruby/Sinatra, React.js

This project was my favorite of 2015.

I wrote about how this project came about on Medium: Better Sharing on Producthunt

GitHub: ShareMeow
GitHub: ShareMeowClient

Product Hunt - One Click Invites (2015)

Ruby/Rails, React.js, Mechanical Turk

Product Hunt LIVE - Real Time Comments (2015)

Ruby/Rails, React.js, Pusher

LIVE real time comments

Shortly after we launched Product Hunt LIVE, the most common feature request we received from participants was "I want to know when a question is answered." This feature was really challenging to get right. We had new comments/questions streaming in, but needed a nice way to update the page so that the experience would be really smooth for the end user. This was the first major feature that I wrote using React.js (backend is Rails/Pusher web sockets). I learned a lot of React in the process and I'm really happy with what we ended up with.

AddEvent API - Ruby (2015)

Ruby API client for the API.
GitHub: provides a really nice API for making calendar events (Gmail, Outlook, iCal). I got started with this when building Product Hunt LIVE. We wanted to make it super easy for anyone to add a LIVE event to their calendar. We needed to be able to generate these events from Ruby. From that, this Ruby API wrapper was born 😃.

Heroku Cookbook (2014)

Recipes to solve the challenges of administering and scaling a real-world production web application on Heroku

Heroku Cookbook
I've always loved Heroku & had been writing about them for years. At the end of 2013 I was approached by a publisher to contribute some of my blog posts to a Cookbook on Heroku. I started writing an outline on everything I thought people needed to know about Heroku to run large production applications. It quickly grew & I ended up with enough material for a book on my own. With the help/support of the awesome team at Packt Publishing +
a year of nights and weekends later, the Heroku Cookbook was published.

Gazelle Certified (2014)


While working for I had the opportunity to work on Gazelle's new direct to consumer e-commerce store ( I worked on the backend/intermediary systems between the store front and the Gazelle warehouse. I was specifically responsible for building the credit card processing, setting up the inventory sync/management, and integrating credit card fraud detection systems. The store was a huge success & I'm very proud to have been a part of it.

RSpec Rainbow (2014)

Minitest Pride Formatter, but for Rspec

RSpec Rainbow

I always loved the Pride formatter for Minitest. I thought it was a shame that it wasn't also available for RSpec. So I built it 😻.